Delt Alumni Donations

Your involvement as a Delt doesn’t end with your graduation. Membership in Delta Tau Delta presents you with a priceless network of friends and lifelong resources. Delt alumni are constantly giving back to the Fraternity by contributing their time, talent, and treasures. We kindly ask that you give your time by volunteering with a local chapter as an adviser or mentor. Contributing your talent by offering your skills to a brother or to the Fraternity as a whole is always encouraged.

Zeta Lambda strives to maintain communication and contact with our graduated brothers. The chapter holds multiple events annually for our alumni, including our annual Big Wheels in the fall, and Luau. Alumni are encouraged to attend these events to reconnect with current and past brothers.

The chapter is always open to accepting donations to the Educational Foundation and to the fraternity in general. Your donation can send an undergraduate to Karnea or help fund a scholarship. We humbly ask that you continue to give and donate to your undergraduate brothers in Zeta Lambda. If you have any interest in donating to Delta Tau Delta’s Capital Campaign please contact;  Grant Roon at